Skip the long lines and $6 lattes.
Make cafe-quality drinks in seconds with OneBy!
Skip the coffeeshop lines and $6 lattes with a tablespoon of OneBy!

Drink cafe quality coffee in seconds

Super-concentrated artisanal coffee crafted for adventure. Make coffee like a barista in seconds without the gear, headache, or cost. Dilute and enjoy.

1 tablespoon = 1 cup of coffee

Each tablespoon has 150 mg of caffeine. For reference, an average cup of coffee contains 75 mg. Prefer a cup with lower caffeine? Simply use 1/2 tbsp and stretch a bottle to 34 cups. With OneBy, the choice is yours.

Satisfying & Smooth

OneBy is everything that makes great coffee—gentle sweetness, low acidity, full body, reliable caffeine—and blends it with convenience, affordability, and dependability.

Flexible &

Make the same great cup of coffee every time without thinking about it. No more worrying about ratios, water temperature, or bean freshness. Just add to your favorite liquid and enjoy. Ready in seconds.

At Home & On The Go

OneBy is pure flavor in a tiny package so you can take it anywhere and use it to make you favorite coffee drinks. From kitchen to canyon, OneBy is made for your lifestyle.

Chocolatey, Fruity, Nutty Goodness

Our flagship roast is smooth, nutty, and full-bodied with notes of chocolate and fruit.

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Possibility in every pour

We recommend starting in your kitchen with 8 ounces of either hot or cold water or milk. From there, sky's the limit.