Best Alternatives to Keurigs and Pod Coffee

Why is having a delicious cup of coffee a trade off between fast and sustainable? We’ve been asking ourselves the same question. And while we are 100% obsessed with our very own OneBy Coffee Concentrate, we decided to test a few alternative solutions on the market to answer that question. 

So before we get started let's review the landscape. At-home coffee options as they stand are: 1 ) a coffee contraption that costs you half a paycheck and tosses plastic into a landfill like its going out of style 2) a setup of analogue tools with 13 moving parts requiring twenty minutes and aluminum and plastic bags of coffee beans, or 3) if you somehow have the $4.25 and the time, you can haul yourself to the coffee shop for that perfect oat latte (or coconut cappuccino) that creates four pieces of non-recyclable waste for a single (albeit delicious) beverage. 

So are there any cost-effective, sustainable coffee alternatives?

We tried eight different at home coffee methods and here’s what we found. These are our top three fastest, most sustainable at-home coffee options. 

OneBy Coffee Concentrate

Image: OneBy

PRO: Delicious, No Waste, Fair Trade, Fast |  CON: New, kind of odd way to make coffee

Yes okay, we’re biased to what we create but, bear with us. We created this delicious coffee concentrate for you to mix with your liquid of choice. Oat milk latte at home? Definitely. Super smooth cold brew this summer? Absolutely. Not sure how to make iced coffee at home? Leave it to us!

Coffee concentrate cuts down on the waste associated with coffee--without pods, coffee bean bags, plastic bottles, or containers, OneBy is the most sustainable, quick coffee solution for your home. The concentrate comes in a single, fully recyclable glass bottle. Each bottle contains 17 servings of incredible 100% fair trade, Peruvian grown coffee. Oh and don’t worry, the shipping container is fully recyclable as well. 

Reusable Keurig or Single-Pod Coffee

Image: CremaJoe

PRO: Variety of flavors, fast and easy | CON: Messy, expensive, lots of waste

We tried the Keurig single pod coffee machine with reusable coffee pods. The initial investment was significant ($89 for the Keurig machine and $35 for the Bluecup reusable starter kit) but we liked the variety of being able to purchase lots of different coffee flavors. And with the reusable pods, we could put our favorite coffees through the machine. The result was a decent single serving of coffee. It also answered the fast morning coffee need timing in at about 2.5 minutes for a coffee but it left us with lots of wet, dripping plastic and the need to clean out the coffee pod of grounds. We could have done without the mess and trade off for the single cup of coffee. Especially when we went back for our second cup.... 

Sustainable Coffee Bean Subscription Service

Image: TheGoodTrade

PRO: Shows up at my door, supports small farmers | CON: Cost prohibitive, lots of packaging

While we love the idea that we’re supporting small farmers around the world, the cost of these subscriptions just became too much. For this test, we tried BeanBox ($16.50/month) because we were curious to try some of the award winning microlot coffees.  And while the variety is incredible, it still meant that we were spending the time grinding our own beans, receiving packages every week, and making coffee in traditional ways (in our case, french press.)

Ultimately, we created OneBy to be the fastest, delicious, most sustainable coffee anyone can have at home. And while there are some great alternatives out there, we really do believe that OneBy Coffee Concentrate is the best option for that sacred morning coffee ritual.

We hope you love it as much as we do.