How to Install the OneBy Pour Spout

Every drop of OneBy liquid coffee concentrate counts, and that's why we provide a pour spout with every bottle that's shipped from our headquarters. Installing the pour spout is pretty easy, but we want to give write it all out for you to make it as easy as possible. If you have any additional questions about the pour spout or OneBy, please do not hesitate to email us at 

STEP 1 - Remove the cap your bottle shipped in. 
Your bottle is shipped with a specialized cap to prevent OneBy from leaking, and you will need to discard this cap to use your pourer. Underneath the cap, you'll see additional plastic used to create this tight seal, but because of this plastic, you cannot use this cap and the pourer together. 

STEP 2 - Place your thumb on top of the pourer and press into the bottle.
Be sure you have a firm grip on your bottle of OneBy, and press in the pourer with your thumb covering the two openings on top of the pourer. If you do not cover the openings, there's a chance some liquid will squirt out when the pourer is installed. 

Use thumb to install the pourer


STEP 3 - Pour with the small opening on on top of the larger one. Enjoy your OneBy! 
The smaller opening allows air to enter the bottle so your coffee will pour out more easily through the larger opening. For the cleanest pour, the larger opening should always be on the bottom. 


STEP 4 - Use the extra cap to seal your bottle. 
When you're finished with your bottle of OneBy, you can remove the pour spout to reuse it on your next bottle, or you can discard it and recycle your bottle.