Greetings from Colorado!

Land of great adventure and even better coffee

Like all great things, OneBy was started by someone with too much to do and too little time.

Tim had it all. A job he loved at the hospital, a fresh marriage with a beautiful newborn boy, and miles of road in the Colorado mountains for cycling. What he didn't have was the right coffee to fuel all these adventures.

He owned every piece of coffee making equipment out there. From drip machines, french presses, pour overs to manual espresso machines, automatic espresso machines, and pod brewers. Hand grinders, electric grinders, coffee scales. You name it, he had it.

And he'd tried every kind of coffee. Every roast level from light to dark, single origins and blends, whole bean, pre-ground, even instant. But none of them were good enough.

He spent years perfecting his brewing methods but the result was always time-consuming, expensive, or unpredictable. He never ended up with a cup of coffee that he felt was worth his time, effort, or money. That's why he created OneBy.

He needed to find a way to consistently and efficiently make the coffee he wanted in order to spend his time doing the things he wanted to do. And he knew others would benefit if he could figure out how.

OneBy Coffee is Tim's solution to the perfect cup of coffee. Fast, affordable, energizing, repeatable, and absolutely delicious.