OneBy Coffee

Regular price $24.99 (each bottle makes 17 cups)

Super concentrated and radically fast. Each bottle of OneBy makes 17 cups of your favorite cafe-quality coffee with ease.

How it Works: Simply dilute and enjoy. Add one tablespoon of OneBy to hot water, iced water, or milk of your choice. The result? A silky mouthfeel tasting of chocolate, nuts, and fruit with a long and gentle finish.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Single-Origin Peruvian Coffee

OneBy Coffee
OneBy Coffee
OneBy Coffee

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OneBy Coffee

Regular price $24.99 (each bottle makes 17 cups)


The perfect cup of coffee every time. Amazing taste, well balanced, smooth! I recently bought a professional espresso maker and it's quite difficult to have consistency in the coffee I make. With OneBy, problem solved!”

- Marc R. Verified Buyer

"I am in love! I can now make an oat milk latte or killer cup of coffee at home in literally 30 seconds. Tastes better than the coffee shop and it’s 1/4th the price! ”

- Alex J. Verified Buyer

Great for busy mornings. We thoroughly enjoy drinking this concentrated coffee in many different ways! It saves us so much time during the week when we’re frantically getting ready for the day and still want that excellent flavor.”

- Bridgette A. Verified Buyer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Alicia M. (East Stroudsburg, US)

I love OneBy coffee! It's so smooth and easy to make. I keep a bottle at home and at work.

Rachel (Cedar Rapids, US)
Great way to make a quick latte at home!

I'm loving this as an alternative to espresso when making lattes at home!

Beverlye T. (Broken Arrow, US)
Delicious, quick, convenient

I’ve shared this with other households within our family, and we all agree… it’s delicious, quick, and convenient for iced coffee drinks! The only problem is that with every three-bottle order, at least one bottle has leaked. I do like the little inserts you have started adding to make it easier to pour from the bottle without dripping.

Hi there! Thank you for your business. We're so sorry about the leaks you've experienced. We discovered a problem with some of our caps and recently fixed the problem. We'd like to make it up to and will be reaching out via email. Have a great day!

Kathy L. (Bellefontaine, US)
Love the coffee; shipping not so much.

I really like the product, but delivery leaves something to be desired. I received one box with 1 bottle broken; I let it go. I received another with a post office label that said "Damaged in Shpping" or something and everything was broken. OneBy did replace that one when I emailed. The July shipment was never received. Tracking from USPS said will be delivered late, but apparently it just disappeared. Again, after contacting OneBy they said they would send a replacement. While I appreciate that OneBy corrects those problems, I think you would be better served by using a different delivery method as the USPS is less than reliable these days.

Hi Kathy - thank you for the feedback. We are so sorry regarding the issues you've experienced with shipping. We will work on fixing this issue. Thank you so much for your business.

James R. (Denver, US)
1st order

Good taste and quick.

Amy W. (Cape Elizabeth, US)
Best cold brew yet

This is the best cold brew I've tried to date. Very concentrated. Smooth but still has good medium roast flavor. I just bought three - one for me and two to give as gifts.

Leslie T. (Saint Paul, US)
As easy as it is good!

I usually judge a coffee by the first sip. And oneby is always smooth and tastes perfect. I have a regular cup in the morning and then I add it to make my iced coffee in the afternoon. Got rid of all my coffee makers and my Keurig! I just subscribed. ❤️❤️❤️

Lauren S. (Lowell, US)
Excellent Coffee and Customer Service

So… I have tried 2 other coffee concentrate brands Javy (tastes like nothing) and Jot (expensive) and Oneby is the clear winner. I’m hooked on iced lattes and this is a great, cost effective way to make them at home. The customer service is excellent as well. One of my subscriptions came with a smashed bottle and coffee and glass throughout the inside of the packaging. I emailed customer service and explained the situation and my order was refunded in full in under 24 hours! Overall, great flavor and price.

Matt V.T. (Queens, US)
Very good coffee

Everything about this brand fits qualifications - great flavor
- great size container; perfect for apartment people
- transportable; I take a shot or two with me on trips so I can drink ice coffee on the plane

And as an aside, thanks for the insert to control the pour flow. Nice touch.

John A. (Philadelphia, US)
The results are in!!!!

I covertly engaged in an honest comparison between OneBy and it's 2 most prominent micro dose coffee competitors.(Javy and Jot) I promised OneBy I would tell them my findings privately before posting anything publicly. (Which I did) This way can use my independent, UNSOLICITED, and unbiased findings to improve their product, if it is needed, and boost sales!

After trying Javy, Jot, and now OneBy, I am happy to report OneBy has narrowly edged out Javy as the BEST tasting product of the big 3!!!! Though it APPEARS Javy is the MOST economical to use of the 3, you actually have to use TWICE the minimum recommend amount of Javy to equal what is in a tablespoon of OneBy! So, when you do the math, OneBy is actually more economical to use regularly than Javy and clearly wins my taste test!! So (if you don't feel like doing the math), a bottle of OneBy makes 17 wonderfully delicious, gourmet quality cups of coffee, while the same size, same priced bottle of Javy concentrate, used in the same strength, yields only 15 cups!!

There you have it! Of the top 3 micro dose coffee brands, OneBy wins the competition and tastes like an expensive, hand crafted cup of freshly brewed coffee, and even without the acidity, like the finest coffee shop cold brew!! Try them for yourself and see, or cut DIRECTLY to the chase and BUY ONEBY!!! Trust me, you will love it!